My Business Vision & Inspiration

I hold a vision of a world in which each and every person is expressing and contributing their unique gifts in a way that feels deeply fulfilling and rewarding, in service to something larger than themselves. This focus on serving the greater good while bringing their full, authentic selves into their work creates a world in which everyone feels connected and valued, expressing their full potential while contributing to the flourishing of life.

I imagine a world in which education connects children to their intuition, to their own specific ‘natural genius’, and their inner wisdom. Schools teach emotional mastery, deep self-awareness, personal growth, and life skills, alongside the academic subjects for whom those are suited. Everyone is able to express their unique genius and creativity, building a thriving and highly functioning society that treats people, nature, and our environment with reverence and respect. The different kinds of intelligence that each child has is nurtured, embraced and given the right conditions to flourish.

I believe this vision is possible if we all make the commitment to live our personal truth, find our unique calling and unleash our unique gifts into the world in a way that feels authentic and joyful. As the late Wayne Dyer famously said ‘Don’t die with your music still inside you’. You have special, valuable gifts to contribute. My mission is to empower you to find and walk your unique path while thriving financially and experiencing abundance in every facet of life. I want to help you replace struggle, confusion and frustration with clarity, focus, meaning, purpose, joy, abundance, ease and flow. You can make a meaningful difference in the world, while being true to yourself, and doing work you love.

Sometimes you hear a voice through the door calling you… This turning toward what you deeply love saves you.

– Rumi

My life journey so far has led me to believe that positive change in the world starts with ourselves. When we feel balanced, peaceful, joyful, connected, nourished, fulfilled and inspired, our positive energy flows out to those around us like ripples in a pond, having a positive effect on everything and everyone around us. It’s possible to get to a place where we feel whole, balanced and happy when we commit to our own healing, personal growth and evolution. Through this commitment, we can move through our own inner barriers of limiting beliefs and self-sabotage and start to open up to a world of emotional harmony, endless possibility and abundance. Life begins to flourish in ways we can’t imagine. And when we feel fulfilled and balanced, we’re better able to care for the planet, the animal kingdom and all the people in our lives. Our joy, love, creativity and compassion becomes the medicine that heals the world.

I aspire to prioritise love, healing and health in my life and in the lives of others. I value truth, honesty and integrity. I am inspired by people who have the courage to be real and authentically themselves – with all their imperfections. I am inspired by those who keep an open heart and allow themselves to be vulnerable and seen, even when there is a risk of being judged, criticised or hurt.

I am inspired by those who fearlessly follow their passion and light the way for the rest of us, showing us how it looks to dedicate your life to the thing you care most deeply about or that brings you most joy, while being in service to others.

We’re all complex human beings, with different ideas about what it means to live a joyful and fulfilled life. There are so many facets to the human experience and no one single thing is the silver bullet that guarantees personal happiness and freedom.

I believe that the keys to a joyful, fulfilled and balanced life are:


Engaging in work that lights you up and allows you to apply your unique gifts and strengths.

Contributing to something larger than yourself and that somehow makes the world a better place.

Being unapologetically and authentically yourself.

Cultivating self-understanding and awareness; knowing your deepest motivations, fears, and desires, your strengths, your weaknesses, your patterns and triggers; overcoming your inner barriers and cultivating inner peace and freedom.

Having a good relationship with yourself first and foremost; making peace with your past, working through unhealed emotional pain and engaging in radical self-care.

The willingness to love and be loved by a circle of people close to you.

Working through issues in relationships by cultivating empathy and compassion; having the courage to work through painful situations in order to move to forgiveness and acceptance of yourself and the other person.

Exercising and moving your body in ways that feel joyful and satisfying and keep your body agile and strong.

Engaging in work or activities that allow your creativity to flow freely.

Nourishing your body with whole foods, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, superfoods, vitamins and antioxidant-filled teas.

Living and working in physical environments that lift your energy.

Feeling financial freedom that allows you to enjoy the things that are most joyful and important to you in life.

Feeling connected to and supported by something larger than yourself. Many studies show that people who feel a spiritual connection and engage in some kind of spiritual practice live longer and feel happier than those who do not.

When you’re able to know and trust in your bones that “the Universe has your back and is conspiring around your success” (Claire Zammit, Feminine Power), you begin to see the perfection in everything in your life, even in your hardest and darkest times.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than to help you find the areas of your life where you need guidance, support or development, such that you can live your fullest and brightest life and experience peace and abundance on every level.

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