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Bestselling author and TEDx speaker Dr Kate De Jong has been speaking from stage since her early twenties as regular international conference speaker, workshop facilitator and guest speaker.

Since stepping out on her own as an entrepreneur and business owner in 2012, Kate has been inspiring and empowering audiences through her workshops, webinars and speaking events on topics such as:

How to Find Your Zone of Genius

Finding Purpose and Career Contentment

Engaging and Retaining Top Talent

The Art of Entrepreneurship

Purposeful Business

Authentic Business & Marketing


Let Kate inspire your audience on topics of entrepreneurship, career fulfilment, purpose or employee engagement at your next event.

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Conference keynote speaker

Guest speaker for corporate functions

Discussion panel member

High school graduation inspirational speaker



TEDx Speaker 2023

 Women in Leadership Award | Chief Executive Women (CEW) 2009

Keynote Speaker Women in Technology (WiTWA) 2022

Doctorate (PhD) in Bioprocess Engineering

Kate is a truly inspiring coach and speaker who is generous with her knowledge, and committed to the success of fellow entrepreneurs!


Such a brilliant communicator, I loved hearing her speak and my mind is full of ideas and inspiration now, thank you Kate!


Kate has unique insight that has inspired me to grow personally and professionally.




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