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Seeds of a Calling is a cautionary tale about the price you pay when you turn your back on your truth.


From the outside looking in, Kate’s life appears perfect. In her mid-thirties, she holds a highly paid senior management position in a corporate engineering consulting firm and lives in an affluent suburb of Perth with her adored husband. She’s ‘made it’.  

But beneath the shiny façade, her world is crumbling. Hiding a world of emotional pain, chronic fatigue and mystery illnesses, Kate’s life is on a collision course between what conditioning and society tells her she should do, and the life she secretly craves, but believes she cannot have.  

At age 35, her two worlds collide, and she’s left broken by a series of devastating events. Kate has a choice to make. Continue on the path that is killing her and her hopes of ever having children, or risk everything she’s spent a lifetime building to pursue what’s in her heart. 

But how do you follow your heart when it means disappointing those you love? 

How do you be yourself when it means going against a lifetime of societal conditioning?  

How do you choose your truth when you believe you won’t be loved or valued if you do? 

Kate’s story is a cautionary tale of the price you pay when you don’t listen to your voice of inner knowing. Emotional and deeply personal, her story is a must-read for any woman seeking to live a life of personal truth and deeper meaning; to make every day of your precious life count.  


“Your truth is personal. It’s different to everyone else’s. No one else can tell you what yours is because it’s uniquely yours. Only you know it, only you can feel it.”  —Katie De Jong.  


What people have been saying …


“Katie’s generous and transparent confessions of disempowering relationships, life choices made for all the ‘wrong’ reasons and chasing down a path of unfulfilling outcomes, she had me nodding my head with every page turn. Her story of personal resilience, revelation and re-creation was a call to action for me, to make every day of my precious life count. “
– 5 Stars, Deb Chamberlin.

“Katie’s story had me on the edge of my seat from the very first page. Raw and emotional, Kate bares her soul as we follow her journey through life as it takes her further and further away from her ‘inner knowing’ and the tragic consequences that followed.” 
– 5 Stars, Athena Daniels.

“Katie’s book was such a satisfying read! The momentum is perfect to keep you flicking the pages. I loved her down-to-earth language and the Australian hues in it. It’s the first time I’ve got into a good book in ages. Her message is so powerful, relevant and relatable.” 
– 5 Stars, Eleanor Gallagher.

“Katie’s story is so well written, relatable and the points are really clear. I like that she shares her learnings in a way that people will connect with, rather than ‘preaching at them’ in a more academic-type way. This is a brilliant book and there are so many valuable lessons in here that will help other women. I will be recommending this book to as many women as possible.”
– 5 Stars, Sharon Gleeson.


Katie De Jong – or Kate as she is known by clients, friends and family – is a business coach, professional blogger, best-selling author and a Chief Executive Women award-winner for women in leadership. Passionate about living truthfully and making a positive difference in the world, Kate’s mission is helping women turn their passion into a thriving, profitable business, because she wants more women to enjoy the freedom and fulfilment of being their own boss.

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