Kate De Jong, PhD

Business & Marketing Strategist

I’m here to help people who don’t into the ‘corporate box’ to find and realise their contribution through entrepreneurship.

Because I believe the world needs more purpose-driven business.


Hi there! My name is Kate.

I’m a former scientist & consulting engineer (large-scale water management) of more than fifteen years, turned passionate entrepreneur and coach since 2012.

I’m dedicated to helping you become a successful business owner so that you can make the difference you’re here to make.

I believe you have an important message and contribution to make through your business, and that you can become a highly successful, thriving entrepreneur with the right knowledge, strategy, and support.

I quit my long corporate career as an engineer because I knew in my heart that there was something else I should be doing. I knew that I had unique gifts to contribute, but I struggled to find a way to contribute them through engineering in a way that felt truly fulfilling and satisfying.


I felt like a square peg in a round hole in the engineering world.


I knew that my natural strengths lay more in people, creativity, writing, and languages. But I pushed on in the technical fields because I thought it was what I needed to do. I was trying to live up to all the familial and societal expectations of what ‘success’ meant.

I always wanted to do things differently, challenge the status quo and break through into new territory. But it always felt like the world wasn’t ready for me or my ideas. I felt perpetually frustrated and unfulfilled. I wanted to bring my whole self to work and express myself fully, but it didn’t feel like that was possible or welcome.

I struggled on for years, trying different roles, taking on different responsibilities, always searching for that deep satisfaction that I was craving in my work.


From the outside looking in, my life looked perfect.


I was earning a great salary that allowed me to do or buy anything I wanted.

I was working on exciting projects both locally and internationally for large, well-respected companies.

I was highly accomplished, with a PhD. in science & engineering.

I had worked my way up into senior management in an engineering consulting firm.

I traveled regularly for work and I was invited often to speak at high-profile conferences in my technical field.

I was a private shareholder in the company I worked for (a highly sought-after invitation).

I’d been awarded various accolades, including a Leadership Award for Women in Engineering from Chief Executive Women Australia. 


But no matter how many degrees I earned or how much money I was earning or who I worked for, there was something missing—and I was miserable.


In my mid-thirties, I realised I’d spent my whole life trying to live up to others’ expectations. I’d been following a career path that others thought was best for me. I never made time for my own personal needs. The term ‘self-care’ wasn’t even in my vocabulary, I had no idea what that even was!

I could hear the gentle yet persistent whispers telling me that I was on the wrong path. My body was trying to tell me that I was out of alignment. I was constantly suffering from physical symptoms like chronic fatigue and other chronic illnesses. But I suppressed the signs at all cost. They were inconvenient at the time and they had no place in my life of people-pleasing, self-sacrifice, and corporate ladder-climbing. 


In 2010 I was brought to my knees by a life crisis.
I was forced to reassess everything.



Out of desperation, I started seeing a therapist who helped me realise just how far I’d strayed from my true self. Step by step, session after session, she helped me realign my life with my true inner compass and get my life back on track.

It was during that time that I became aware of my passion to help others to avoid the immense difficulty I went through by giving them tools and strategies to create a life around their authentic truth and desires.

I wanted to help people like me who were struggling to ‘fit’ in the corporate world. I wanted to help them find a way to unleash their talent and potential in a way that feels truly fulfilling.


For me, entrepreneurship was the path to freedom, happiness, and fulfillment.

And now I help others experience the same freedom and fun that I now feel fortunate to have.


You can make a difference, in your own way, and make great money doing it.


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One Woman’s Journey of Finding the Courage to Live Her Truth

I’m a Certified Coach and a lifelong learner and truth-seeker. I’m continuously seeking ways to deepen my understanding of business and life. I’ve immersed myself in the fields of business start-up and growth, positive psychology, life design, finding your path and purpose, career transition, spirituality, quantum physics, the law of attraction, manifestation, and many forms of energetic and emotional healing, all of which I write about in my blog.


I’m valued by my clients for my kindness, empathy, positive outlook, and my ability to help them get results and create forward-thinking solutions to all challenges in their lives.


My clients tell me I’m pragmatic and action-oriented, authentic, genuine, inclusive and empathetic.

I’m driven by my core values of

✓ Freedom
✓ Truth
✓ Integrity
✓ Open-Mindedness
✓ Authenticity
✓ Inclusiveness
✓ Empowerment



You can find out more about my personal story in my original blog post (2014):

What Does it Mean To Be True To Yourself? My Personal Journey of Finding My True Voice & Path.

My Business Superpowers


A lightning-fast ability to identify the opportunities for growth in your business.

With a PhD and fifteen years of experience in process engineering, I’m highly trained in ‘systems thinking’ which is the ability to assess a system as a whole to find the bottlenecks and leverage points.
I can quickly analyse your business to find easily implementable actions that have a big impact on your bottom line.


I‘m a word genius—I help you find the words that compel your prospects to take action.

As a professional blogger and bestselling author, writing and words are my natural gift. I can easily find the exact words to accurately articulate the power of what you do as a business owner. You’ll walk away with clear and powerful messaging that succinctly tells your clients why you’re so good at what you do and why they need to work with you.


I’m intuitive, kind, and compassionate.

I’m not your regular business coach telling you to ‘hustle harder’ or ‘smash it’. I intimately know and understand the struggles that business owners face. I help you uncover what’s holding you back, with kindness, so you can move through your internal blocks with ease and grace to become even more powerful.

Some of the things on my CV…


  • #1 Bestselling Author of Seeds of a Calling: One Woman’s Journey of Finding the Courage to Live Her Truth
  • Certified Life Coach (Dipl. Life Coaching LCIA)
  • Ph.D (Doctorate) in Bioprocess Engineering (Murdoch University, 2003)
  • 15 Years as a Professional Consulting Engineer (Australia, USA, The Netherlands)
  • Chief Executive Women (CEW) Women in Engineering Leadership Award in 2009
  • #1 Bestselling Author of The Art of Unlearning: Conscious Choices for Empowered Living (anthology)
  • Top Blogger | As seen in Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global, Womelle, Medium & Positively Positive
  • Pinterest Expert – Most Effective Platform for Growing Your Email Database
  • Trained Enneagram (Personality Typing System) Coach – accredited through The Shift Network, 2014.


We can’t do it alone … we all need guidance on our journey.


It’s so important that you reach out to get the right help on your journey. I’ve been blessed to receive guidance and support from several wonderful mentors over the years and it’s thanks to them that I’ve been able to get where I am today, in just a few short years after quitting my corporate career in 2011.

Thanks to the experience and wisdom of my mentors, I’ve learned how to establish a thriving business in a completely new field, starting from scratch. Some of the best mentors in the industry have helped me learn and apply the essential strategies behind entrepreneurship, business start-up, product and program development, marketing, public relations and wealth creation.

I met Marnie LeFevre, founder of Fempire, in 2017 when I went to one of her live events in Perth, Western Australia. I was instantly drawn to her magnetic personality, extreme professionalism, and entrepreneurial success. I had the privilege of later doing her 3-day Fempreneur program, which transformed the way I operate in business for the better.



Are you ready to work with me? You’ll know you’re ready if:


  • You want to start your own business but you have no idea where to start! And you want to make sure you do it right the first time so that you save yourself precious time and money.
  • You’re running your own business but you’re struggling to get clients or sales on a consistent basis. You just want to get the right advice and get on with growing it!
  • You want to make great money and make a difference and you know that your business is the vehicle to do it.
  • You’re tired of the feelings of frustration, stuck-ness or overwhelm and you know it’s time to finally get a solid business strategy in place to get the traction and momentum you need, minus the struggle.
  • You’re tired of doing it by yourself. You want to be part of a sisterhood of like-minded women who are leading and inspiring change in the world.
  • You’ve drawn a line in the sand. You know it’s time to make a change and you’re ready to get the support you need to get things moving!


After working with me you will:

  • Have a clear business structure, funnel, pricing strategy, and marketing system that brings you a steady stream of ideal clients and/or online sales.
  • Have revenue targets that you’ll know how to reach on a consistent basis so you can finally make the money you deserve.
  • You’ll have a clearly defined business road map that allows you to grow to exactly the size you desire.
  • You’ll have all the marketing knowledge and resources to finally the impact you desire.
  • You’ll have a sisterhood of women who have your back, cheer you on, and celebrate your successes with you; friends for life who will  continue supporting you on your entrepreneurial journey.

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