The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Truth

The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Truth



The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Truth

Discover the Five Pillars of Authentic Living

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How to Be True to Yourself

You'll discover the five pillars of living your personal truth, and the essential actions you must take in each pillar of life to experience far greater levels of peace and happiness.

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Live on Purpose

 Discover key resources and strategies to turn your life around, be yourself unapologetically, find your purpose, and more!

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Live a life of no regrets

Discover the number one regret of the dying (based on Bronnie Ware's now famous blog) and make sure you don't make the same mistake!

You only get one shot at life. Make it your best.

Meet Kate De Jong – Fempire Coach

Kate De Jong is an expert Fempire Coach, blogger and inspirer who knows what it feels like to be lost and rudderless. She quit her corporate consulting engineering career after nearly fifteen years, back in 2012, because she knew there was something else she should be doing. But she had no idea what. All she knew was that was tired of feeling stuck and unhappy, and she would do anything to find her path of fulfilment and meaning.
She went on a journey of deep self-discovery and spent years researching the art of finding genuine and lasting happiness – and a meaningful vocation that feels natural and easy. Her number one lesson was how critical it is to be true to yourself. She shares everything she learned on her journey in this value-packed E-Book – for FREE!



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