Words are powerful things.


When used correctly, they have the power to clearly convey an idea, thought, or message. And the reverse is also true. The wrong choice or mix of words can leave your customers feeling completely confused, or worse — repelled. 

One of the most challenging tasks as a business owner is to find the specific words that accurately reflect the essence of who you are and what you do in a way that resonates with your ideal clients.


When it comes to marketing your business, clarity is everything.


You might have heard the saying “The confused person never buys”. It’s 100% true! One of the biggest reasons why people ‘bounce’ when they visit your website or they look confused when you deliver your pitch is because they can’t figure out what you do and if or how you can help them. 

Clear, sharp, and impactful messaging makes all your marketing and sales efforts easier. Get your messaging right, and you’ll see your revenue increase seemingly with ease.


Marketing is not about convincing anyone of anything. It’s about creating resonance with your ideal clients.


As the famous Simon Sinek quote goes:

Your job is not to do business with those who need what you have.
Your job is to do business with those who believe what you believe. 


Your messaging needs to tap into what’s true for your clients at a belief level.

Your prospect then feels a resonance with your words. As one of my favourite mentors, Jeffry Van Dyk, says, “Your message
activates something in them.”

And then the deal is done.

There’s no competition anymore.

Your message has reached into their heart and mind and they know that YOU are the one they want to do business with.

Great core messaging is not forceful or manipulative.

It’s magnetic.


So What is Core Brand Messaging?

Your core messaging describes the essence of who you are, what you believe, and what you do, boiled down to a few critical sentences or phrases. What do you want people to know and remember about your brand? It all starts with clearly defining your ‘why’, vision, mission and tagline. This then flows into all your marketing assets and the way you speak about your brand. 

To learn everything you need to know about how to develop your core brand statements, check out this article: How to Craft Your Brand ‘Why’, Vision, and Mission Statements

You’d be surprised how many businesses struggle to clearly articulate their brand core message. And they struggle to make sales as a result.

It’s not easy to develop your core messaging. It takes time and it requires a willingness to dig deep down into your beliefs and what drives you to do business.

What’s an example of core messaging?

It took me quite some time to develop my own brand messaging. When I dug deep into why I do what I do, I discovered that this is what I believe:

Because I believe that entrepreneurs will save the world.

To empower purpose-driven entrepreneurs to bring their vision to life.

To help entrepreneurs master the craft of starting and growing a thriving, scalable business so they can make the difference they’re here to make.

Grow your business with ease.

When you nail your messaging you’ll see an immediate increase in leads and conversions because people now know exactly what you’re about, who you help, and how. Here’s what my client Zina had to say.

Kate exceeded my expectations in every way. She gave me actionable and practical advice that paid off almost immediately! Her advice on my core messaging was next level and once I implemented the changes I saw an immediate increase in traffic to my website and conversion rates. I’m blown away by how much value Kate was able to add to my business in such a short time.
— Zina Le Sueur, Zina Le Sueur Photography

Do you need help defining or refining your core messaging? Reach out to Kate at [email protected] or 0424 176 658 or visit https://katedejong.com for more information.

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