To increase your revenue and sales you need to master the art of crafting irresistible offers. Read on the discover the 10 ingredients of offers that convert prospects into paying clients. #fempire #fempirecoach #marketing #digitalmarketing #entrepreneur #ladyboss #womeninbusiness #businesscoach #womensupportingwomen #workfromhome #successmindset #sellingTo be successful in business, you need to master the art of creating irresistible offers. Irresistible offers significantly increase your sales and revenue by increasing the conversion of your prospects into paying customers.

If you’re generating website traffic via your marketing efforts, your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy, or advertising, then you need to have an irresistible offer clearly showcased so that your visitors are compelled to take action, engage with you, and spend money with you!


What is an irresistible offer?

An irresistible offer is simply a strategic structuring of your products and/or services where the value-to-cost ratio is value-heavy. Which means that the value of your offer far exceeds the cost to access the value (Michael Hunter, 2019). The offer seems so good that it’s an easy “yes” for those who need it. It feels like a ‘no-brainer’ and your prospect feels compelled to buy now.


In this article I’m assuming that you already intimately know and understand your target market (if not, go here to get started: How to Find Your Target Market), and that you know what their most pressing challenges and pain points are.


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Once you know that your offer is going to solve a critical and high-pain problem that your client is currently experiencing, you can get busy crafting your irresistible offer that will make them want to say ‘yes’ to you right now.

There are 10 ingredients to crafting an irresistible offer. Not all 10 ingredients are necessary at all times, but try to include as many as you can where possible to maximise your chances of people engaging with your offer.


The 10 Ingredients of an Irresistible Offer


1. Emotion. Emotion. Emotion.

Powerful marketing is all about connecting your prospects to the emotion or feeling that they’ll experience through engaging with your product or service.

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You might have heard the saying:

“People buy with emotion and then justify their decision with logic and analysis.” This is 100% true.

How will your customer feel when they’ve consumed your product or service? How can you describe that in your offer? 

Here’s an example from a client of ours who’s a Health Coach. See how she’s focused on the feelings of “lighter, brighter and beautiful” after engaging with her 12-week health coaching program. The imagery she’s chosen also helps the customer to tune into those feelings of freedom and lightness. This client filled her program quickly using this irresistible offer.

To increase conversions, you need to move from speaking in feature-based language (the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of your product or service) and instead speak in outcome-based language (describing the impact or effect of working with you). 

Check out the following two examples and see for yourself which one feels more compelling.

You can easily see which one feels more compelling, right?

Wherever possible, define the feelings and emotion of the end destination that you take your clients to, and always speak in outcome-based language to maximise your chances of your offer engagement.


2. Clarity

You might have heard the marketing statements “The clearest marketer wins” and “The confused person never buys.”


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Be crystal clear about what your offer entails and what the outcomes will be for your customer. A great way to do this can be with diagrams. For example, when we market out Fempire Social Media Planning Calendar, we use a diagram to show exactly what’s included and the outcomes this will have for the customer (see below).

Social Media Planning Calendar


3. Reverse the Risk

A great way to make your offer irresistible is to make it risk-free for your customer. How can you shoulder the risk instead of your client (reverse the risk)?

Ask yourself the question: 


“What would you do if you only got paid when your client got the desired result?”


People feel compelled to buy when the offer you make seems like a 'no-brainer' and it feels like an easy "yes". Discover how to craft your irresistible offers with these 10 essential ingredients. #fempire #fempirecoach #marketing #digitalmarketing #entrepreneur #ladyboss #womeninbusiness #businesscoach #womensupportingwomen #workfromhome #successmindset #sellingAsking yourself this question forces you to focus on how to best get your client the desired result, as fast as possible. For example, as a Sales Coach, you could promise your client that they’ll make their invested money back by the end of your program, and if not, you’ll work with them until they do. This is a type of ‘value-first’ offer which makes it an easy “yes” for the prospect.

Here’s another example of how you could shoulder the risk:

“Try us for your first month, at zero risk or obligation. If you’re not totally satisfied for any reason, let us know. You’ll get a prompt and courteous full refund of your first month’s fee. After your first month, cancel anytime, and you won’t be billed a penny more.”

This is a softer version of the value-first offer.  If you try and aren’t satisfied, you’re get your money back.  The risk of the transaction is not on you, the client, but on you, the seller.

The point is to take on as much of the risk as possible, so the client feels like they’ve got nothing to lose. But everything to gain.

How could you integrate this concept into your offers?


4. Easy Payment Solutions

People don’t generally like to make large payments at one time. To lower your buyer’s resistance and to make it an easier “yes”, always provide payment plan options. For example, 2-weekly or monthly payment plan options, depending on the product or service.

Generally speaking we recommend that you offer an incentive (typically a 10-15% discount) to pay up front because it makes our life easier as business owners when people pay at once (no admin or chasing payments). But always provide a way for people to pay as they go and offer all payment options (e.g. credit card, PayPal or direct debit).


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5. Offer a Time-Sensitive Discount

As you saw in the health coaching offer above, The Wholesome Health Coach offered a 50% reduction on normal prices for her ‘Winter Special’. In the terms and conditions for her offer, she specified a strict cut off date for the end of the offer to give people the incentive to buy now while the price is so heavily discounted.

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And be sure to raise your prices again at the end of the offer period. Always act with integrity and stick to your terms and conditions of your own offers otherwise you’ll lose the trust and confidence of your client base.


6. Add a Bonus or a Premium

A great way to give your prospect extra motivation to engage with your offer (and to make it extra irresistible!) is to offer a bonus in their package. For example, if you’re a personal trainer, you could include a customised meal plan with their personal training package. Or if you’re a Book Coach, you could offer a home study course on how to publish your book with Amazon, for example.

What’s a bonus you could include or create to make your offer extra irresistible?


7. Create a Bundle of High Value

Which products or services could you bundle together in order to give your client the incentive to buy more? Which things could you package together that provide massive value?

As an example of a bundled product line, the skincare range Rodan+Fields promote their ‘Power Up Special’ to fast-track anti-ageing (see below). With bundles, clients feel that with a little extra expenditure, they can get greater results.

At Fempire we offer access to our Fempire Academy as a bonus to all clients who sign up for our coaching programs because we know that it adds huge value to their coaching service and it makes investment in coaching an easier “yes”.


8. Provide Urgency or Scarcity

So far we’ve explored various ways you can give your prospects several compelling reasons why they should take your offer.

But you still have to explain why they need to take your offer right NOW.

As you’ve probably experienced, in the world of sales, “later” almost always means “no”. If a prospect visits your sales page and decides to “come back later”… you’ve most likely lost that sale.

This is where urgency comes into play. Urgency gives people a reason to buy right now, today, rather than putting it off for tomorrow.

How can you inject some urgency into your offer?

The easiest way to do this is through a combination of scarcity and/or a deadline.

Scarcity is when you have only a certain number of products available, or spaces left in a workshop or program. 

A deadline is similar to your time-sensitive offer: Your product is only available for a limited time. If you decide to offer a price reduction, be sure to only offer it for a limited time. Be sure to stick to your own word to maintain the trust and confidence with your client base.


All of the profits of our book The Art of Unlearning go to supporting entrepreneurs in developing countries. Championing a cause is a great way t make your offers irresistible while making a positive difference. Discover the other 9 ways to make your offers irresistible. #fempire #fempirecoach #marketing #digitalmarketing #entrepreneur #ladyboss #womeninbusiness #businesscoach #womensupportingwomen #workfromhome #successmindset #selling9. Champion a Cause

People are becoming more and more socially conscious and want their buying choices to have a positive impact somehow. Can you give a percentage of your profit to a charity you care about? This demonstrates a level of social consciousness that lowers your buyer’s resistance even more.

For example, when we published our anthology called The Art of Unlearning, we donated 100% of the profits to KIVA, a not-for-profit organisation that empowers disadvantaged people around the world to build their entrepreneurial dreams through the provision of micro-financing. We were able to tell our customers “When you buy your copy you’ll be helping someone else on their journey to a brighter life!”.

Another company called Humanitix is a new online event ticketing organisation that donates all booking fees to a local charity of your choice and is now picking up an ever-increasing market share from their competitors because people like to know their money is going to make a difference somehow.

What can you contribute to through your product or service that will provide an extra incentive for your customers to say “yes”. Which causes does your target market care about?


10. Social Proof

When you’re making an offer, show the social proof that your offer works through testimonials or other credibility boosting things like awards or affiliations. For example, when promoting my book PATHFINDING: HOW TO FIND YOUR INSPIRED PATH & PURPOSE, I include a testimonial from a fan as social proof that the book is worth buying.

Wherever you can, try to get testimonials or social proof that your product or service actually works. This is yet another quality that makes your offer irresistible. Because if others have gotten results, they should be able to too!


Bringing it All Together

Here’s an example of our FEM Female Entrepreneur Mastery program offer that incorporates all of the different elements. Remember to use compelling imagery with your offer when promoting it in order to connect to the emotion that your customer is desiring!


I hope you’ve found this information super helpful and it enables you to go and create your irresistible offers.

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Learning how to craft irresistible offers is one key skill set of the successful female entrepreneur. To discover how to become a successful ladyboss, download your free copy of the Fempreneur Success Handbook and learn everything I wish someone had told me back when I was first starting out on my own! #fempire #fempirecoach #marketing #digitalmarketing #entrepreneur #ladyboss #womeninbusiness #businesscoach #womensupportingwomen #workfromhome #successmindset #selling

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There are ten things you need to consider when crafting an offer to pitch to your audience so that you can guarantee that your offer converts your prospects into paying clients. Read on to discover what they are. #fempire #fempirecoach #marketing #digitalmarketing #entrepreneur #ladyboss #womeninbusiness #businesscoach #womensupportingwomen #workfromhome #successmindset #selling

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