90 days is the true sweet spot of goal setting. Read on to discover why and how you can use 90-day goal setting to drive huge business growth and start revenue more revenue, fast! #fempire #fempirecoach #entrepreneur #ladyboss #womeninbusiness #businesswoman #businesscoach #solopreneur #success #successmindset #workfromhome #mompreneur #mumpreneur #laptoplifestyle #goals #goalsetting #90daygoals


90-day goals bring laser focus to the most important next steps in your business, over and over again.


Those of you running your own business know how important planning and goal setting are to your success. 


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But not all goals are effective at driving progress and success in your business.


The sweet spot for goal setting, without a doubt, is 90 days.


Why are 90-day goals so effective?

90-day goals are effective because:

  • 90 days is long enough to achieve something substantial.
  • It’s close enough to feel a sense of urgency and to stay focused.
  • There’s a clear end in sight.
  • There’s no time to procrastinate.


This has definitely been my experience.

Setting 90 day goals brings laser focus to your business, over and over again, which dramatically increases your productivity and effectiveness. You’d be amazed at what you can achieve in 3 months! Read on to discover how to apply 90 day goal setting to your business to drive huge revenue growth as fast as possible. #fempire #fempirecoach #entrepreneur #ladyboss #womeninbusiness #businesswoman #businesscoach #solopreneur #success #successmindset #workfromhome #mompreneur #mumpreneur #laptoplifestyle #goals #goalsetting #90daygoalsSince using 90-day goals in my business, my productivity has increased dramatically. You’d be amazed at what you can achieve in 90 days! I’ve created and launched an entire online ‘Find Your Purpose’ program in that time, I’ve completed my first book draft, and we’ve recently created and delivered a whole 6 week online Fempreneur Business Breakthrough program to 40+ ladies, all within less than three months!

Interestingly, 90-days seem to be a natural rhythm for our bodies and minds. Ninety days is roughly the length of a season. It’s about the length of a school semester and the span of a business quarter.


We’re used to operating in 90-day periods personally and professionally, so why not make the most of that for your business goal setting?



[mashtweet tweet=”Another interesting thing to note is that the final fourth quarter of each year is always a company’s most productive quarter, because year-end deadlines ratchet up the urgency. When you set yourself non-negotiable 90-day deadlines and stick to them, you can make every quarter of your year just as productive as the final quarter.” text=”” username=”katiedejong3rd”]



How to Set 90-Day Goals to Drive Your Business Success

1. Check in with your 5-Year Business Vision
When you do your 90-day goal setting you need to check back in with your 5 year business vision (if you don’t have a 5 year vision, you need to create one!)

2. Chunk it Down into 12-Month Goals
Chunk your big vision down into 12-month goals. You might need to refer back to the 6 Stages of Business Growth and look at the key areas you need to work on in your business to get to the next stage. I define the different goals for each phase of business growth in my free handbook The Fempreneur Success Handbook: How to Start or Grow Your Wildly Successful Business.

Depending on which phase of business growth you’re in, your business goals will be different. Which phase of business growth are you in? Do you know which key areas you need to be focusing on? Read on to discover which goals are relevant to your business now. #fempire #fempirecoach #entrepreneur #ladyboss #womeninbusiness #businesswoman #businesscoach #solopreneur #success #successmindset #workfromhome #mompreneur #mumpreneur #laptoplifestyle #goals #goalsetting #90daygoals


3. Chunk it Down into 90-Day Goals
When chunking your 12-month goals down in 90-day goals, you need to figure out which things are on the critical path to your success. 

I love using Gary Keller’s philosophy ‘The One Thing’ to do this, which is: 


“What’s the one thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”
– Gary Keller

When it comes to 90 day goals, I ask myself this question (based on Gary Keller’s ‘One Thing’ philosophy):


“What are the key things I can achieve in my business that make everything else easier or unnecessary?”

4. Break Down Your 90-Day Goals into Actionable Steps.
Once you have your 90-day goals defined, you’ll need to break each one down into actionable steps.

I love using Trello to capture my actionable steps. It allows me to go in and break each goal down into actionable steps that are specific, defined, and have a deadline attached to them. This gets me out of procrastination, fast!

Here’s a screenshot of what my overall goal setting Trello board looks like:

I then break down each umbrella goal into actionable steps, as shown in my Trello card breakdown below.


Trello board and cards for 90 day goal setting


5. Block time in your diary to action your goals!

If you don’t block time to actually work on your goals, you’ll never get them done! Once I started blocking time in my diary to work on my goals, I actually started getting stuff done – and fast.

Here’s an actual screen shot of my diary from last month when I was working on my Pathfinding online program. I blocked time to work on my goal, and I didn’t let anything interfere with that.

Time blocking - and why it's so important

If for some reason something comes up that interferes with your blocked time, be sure to shift that time block to another day in the future. Don’t delete it! 

Business owners who plan and set goals succeed in business, always. An essential component of goal setting is time blocking - scheduling time to actually work on your goals. Without time blocking, your goals won’t be achieved. Read on to discover how you can apply goal setting and time blocking to achieve big growth in your business. #fempire #fempirecoach #entrepreneur #ladyboss #womeninbusiness #businesswoman #businesscoach #solopreneur #success #successmindset #workfromhome #mompreneur #mumpreneur #laptoplifestyle #goals #goalsetting #90daygoals

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I hope you’re feeling inspired to go and apply 90-day goals in your business.

And let me know how you go! I love hearing about your successes!

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