So much can change in just two years.


Back in early 2018 I was really struggling in my business. 

 We’d just returned from six years overseas and I was trying to establish my new career coaching business in my hometown of Perth, Australia.

Like many women, I’d left my corporate career when I gave birth to my first child because it felt like my former professional role as a Consulting Engineer wasn’t compatible with motherhood. 

The company I worked for didn’t offer part time roles or job-shares for returning mothers and to be honest, I knew I wouldn’t be able to manage the demands of a career as an Engineer alongside the demands of motherhood.


I’d been unhappy in my career for a long time and I knew there was something else I was ‘meant’ to be doing. 


After lots of soul searching, I decided to branch out on my own and start my own business, while also raising two small children (my goodness those years were really tough!).

Like so many of us who start our own business, I thought “I’m a smart girl, I’ll figure this business thing out.” 

And to my credit I did manage to figure lots of it out and I made a lot of progress. 


But there was also so much that I couldn’t figure out. 


 There was so much conflicting advice and information everywhere.

 Every single coach promised they had the magic solution or the ‘silver bullet’ to all my problems.

 I burned so much money (and I’m talking tens of thousands of dollars…) on coaching programs, E-courses and private coaches.

 But progress was very slow and very frustrating.

After a while I realised that I wasn’t making anywhere near the kind of money I wanted to be making and I had no idea how to position myself or package myself up to generate a consistent income.

There were so many times when I was close to giving up and going back and getting  a J-O-B….


The more that time went on, my confidence started to drop and within a couple of years I was wallowing in major self-doubt and self-criticism, wondering if I’d ever make it on my own. 

 My husband started hinting that I should go back and get a job in engineering again.


And then all of a sudden, out of the blue, a Facebook advertisement showed up in my Facebook feed about a free workshop for women in business, focusing on social media and marketing strategy. 

And it was run by Marnie LeFevre, founder of Fempire.

I hadn’t heard of Marnie LeFevre at the time, but her messaging spoke to me and something called me to sign up for the free workshop. 


 It was the best thing I ever did.


Marnie’s free workshop explained so much of the mystery around business building. 

It helped me understand why I’d been struggling so much, and what I needed to do about it.

She gave practical tips and strategies to help me on my way.


But perhaps the most beautiful thing for me was that I finally felt supported – I’d finally found my tribe.

 I was so tired of doing it on my own…


And the fact that Marnie had created a sisterhood of women in business who support each other to succeed felt like such a relief.

I went up to the back of the room at the end of her presentation and waited to speak to her (along with many, many other women!)

I’ll never forget my first interaction with Marnie. 

I told her about my business and how I’d been struggling, but also how big my vision was and how badly I wanted to succeed.


 She looked straight into my eyes and said:

“I can see you have what it takes but you lack self-confidence. 

You just need someone to believe in you. 

And I can be that person for you until you can believe in it yourself.”


WOW… my eyes filled with tears. 

She was so right. 

I’d lost all belief in myself. I had no self-confidence left.

And just knowing that she believed in me, without even knowing me, filled me with so much hope and optimism.

Needless to say, I signed up for Marnie’s 3-day Fempreneur course, and then signed on to be mentored by her for 12 months. I can’t tell you the relief I felt to finally get really solid, practical advice to grow my business in a way that actually worked.


Fast forward two years and now here I am, working with Marnie as a Fempire Coach and loving every minute. 

 My whole life changed with that one decision to attend her workshop.


I feel blessed that I now get to help so many women who are in that place of feeling stuck and confused, just as I was, and I get to help them move into a place of momentum, flow, and business success. 

We all need a good mentor.

Do you have one?


Do you have someone who can believe in you until you can believe it yourself?

If not, please reach out.


Our passion and mission is to empower women like you who need someone to help and guide you along the path of building a thriving, profitable business.

If you haven’t already, reach out for a free Discovery Call to see if we’re the right people to provide you the support you need.

Maybe our programs will be the transformation that you need to get where you want to go.


If you’re feeling lonely, stuck, and confused, let’s chat!

It could be the best decision you make this year!


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In service to helping you live your brightest life,

Kate De Jong, Ph.D
Fempire Coach for Thriving Female Entrepreneurs
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